Why Should I Invest in a Freedom Boat Club Franchise?


Freedom Boat Club is the oldest and largest boat club in the world. In fact, we invented this concept, and we offer among the largest fleet of recreational boats in North America. If you’re interested in opening a boat club in your market, Freedom Boat Club has a documented success story of continued growth and success.


In our niche that specializes in private boat club membership, Freedom Boat Club offers the exclusive franchise model. Others boat clubs may have licenses or affiliations, but ours is a legitimate, turnkey franchise operation.


Besides our bona fide legitimacy, scope and size of operations, we offer a FUN business and lifestyle!


We often refer to our franchise as a “business in a box.” Follow the steps and the formula we provide that is practiced by other franchises throughout North America and you are well on your way to success!


Another great thing about investing in a Freedom Boat Club franchise? It requires minimal employees to operate the club.


Our business model delivers high margins and reasonable capital investment. The club process delivers minimal receivables, along with low overhead and operating costs. We teach you how to present and position the club, plus how to nurture and development new members through effective marketing channels and platforms.


Another big plus and major advantage is that Freedom Boat Club members enjoy ‘reciprocal access’ … meaning they can reserve boats at all franchise and company locations around the country. This reciprocal program is a popular and unique feature. As we grow, you grow with us, too!


As the franchisor constantly reviews and acquires insurance for our business on a group basis, franchisees enjoy the benefits and results, which reduces their costs, considerably.
Freedom Boat Club purchases new boats directly from multiple leading marine industry brands. As we engage with new manufacturers, we pass along our volume buying power and savings directly to our franchisees who may purchase directly.


Freedom Boat Club has secured wholesale financing relationships which are available to tap by our franchises.


These are just some of the most popular reasons why it makes sense to consider investing in a Freedom Boat Club franchise.


To further your discussion, speak with a member of our business development team in your country of interest.


Please contact David Aldrich: daldrich@freedomboatclub.com; Direct Telephone #: 843.368.1103
CANADA & INTERNATIONAL: Please contact Barry Slade: bslade@freedomboatclub.com  Direct Telephone #: 941.451.8756; Cell#: 941.716.7774