What’s Involved in Successfully Operating a Freedom Boat Club Franchise?


First of all, make sure you’re considering a Freedom Boat Club for all the right reasons! If you’re truly interested in the boating industry and can envision yourself operating a business in this space, then you’re half way there!


Our best and most successful franchises are hands-on, owner/operator-driven, with individuals bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to the table. In addition, a genuine love of the boating lifestyle is a major contributor to success since everything is focused on delivering an excellent boating experience for your members. A very high commitment to customer service is paramount.


One of the most important traits that will contribute to your success is your focus on following the proven Freedom Boat Club formula vs. trying to reinvent the wheel or work independently or outside the box. The best franchises enjoy the benefit of leveraging more than 25 years of experience of other franchises and clubs that have come before and helped to pave the way.


Other key ingredients for success include the following:

·        First, be sure to choose the right location with the demographics that will support membership success.
·        Be sure to select the type of boating products that will resonate with prospective members. Understanding the boating preferences and nuances in your marketplace of choice is critical to success.
·        Hire right! One critical hire is your membership executive. Our corporate sales manager is happy to share our recommended sales management profile and to provide national testing contacts with a reputable human resources firm used by corporate and many franchisees as part of the hiring process.
·        With Freedom Boat Club, strong marketing is paramount to success. We highly recommend the development of a marketing plan, and our marketing department has created a simple template with a webinar to assist you in customizing a plan for your own market needs. We also are happy to connect you with franchises who share your demographics for 1:1 advice and discussion.
·        In addition, it’s important to build awareness and goodwill in your community. Attend the networking events and join the chamber and other influencer organizations. Get involved! Create community partnerships and work together to mutual benefit.
·        Once your club is up and running, it is critically important to host regular social events and activities for your members. That camaraderie will go a long way to developing and promoting a solid referral business.


See STEPS FOR SUCCESS for more great tips!


For more information on how to successfully operate a Freedom Boat Club, or to address other questions you may have, please contact a member of our business development team in your country of interest.


Please contact David Aldrich: daldrich@freedomboatclub.com; Direct Telephone #: 843.368.1103

CANADA & INTERNATIONAL: Please contact Barry Slade: bslade@freedomboatclub.com Direct Telephone #: 941.451.8756; Cell#: 941.716.7774