What Are the Operational Expenses Associated with Owning a Freedom Boat Club Franchise?


As with all businesses, there are certain requirements you’ll need to consider associated with operating a Freedom Boat Club franchise.


One of the major areas for expense is directly tied to marina costs. What will it cost for you to lease slip space at your marina of choice? Will you lease an office? If you are operating in a seasonal location, what will it cost to store and winterize your fleet?


Boat maintenance is also a consideration. Who will maintain and service your boats?


While the overhead is lower than many businesses, you will need to consider all aspects of employment, from recruiting to training and wages, to benefits and other related expenses.


What type of equipment and gear will you need to operate your business? What is the cost in your market to run credit cards?


What are your insurance costs?


In these areas, the amounts will vary from location to location.


To further your discussion or to speak with some of our franchisees about their costs in your market area of interest, contact a member of our business development team in your country of interest.


Please contact David Aldrich: daldrich@freedomboatclub.com; Direct Telephone #: 843.368.1103
CANADA & INTERNATIONAL: Please contact Barry Slade: bslade@freedomboatclub.com  Direct Telephone #: 941.451.8756; Cell#: 941.716.7774