Since 1989, Freedom Boat Club has launched 165+ franchises. We’ve spent nearly 30 years fine-tuning the process and analyzing and measuring the results. Here are a few insights to consider.

“How can I get in on this deal?”

This question was asked by a Freedom Boat Club member who overheard a discussion at a recent event. Unfortunately, the deal wouldn’t have worked, but it was the impetus for this educational piece.

If you’re like many prospective business owners searching for franchise opportunities, you likely have questions and don’t know where to turn for honest answers. What’s more, you want to know how to experience franchise success as soon as possible.


Well, that’s why we want to share some helpful advice and a few keys for success.

  1. First, determine your reason for wanting a franchise. If you’re interested in a Freedom Boat Club franchise – or any franchise for that matter – because it seems like an easier way to own a business (as compared to starting one from scratch), then you’re in for an unfortunate surprise.Operating a business isn’t easy. Your success depends on many factors, such as embracing risk, predicting and solving unplanned problems, and sometimes, just plain ol’ luck.

  2. Do you enjoy challenges? Can you step outside of your comfort zone? Can you take direction well? Are you able to adapt fast when plans change?

  1. Next, identify your interests … and skills. Any franchise can lose appeal if the product or service you provide doesn’t excite you. Fortunately, opportunities to pursue your primary passions are available in just about any interest area.Keep in mind, skill is an overlooked factor when evaluating interests. Certain skills can increase your likelihood of franchise success.

    For example, a Freedom Boat Club franchisee should understand how to present exceptional service, as well as have interests in boating, fishing, watersports and other outdoor activities. Of course, training is provided to learn how to create extraordinary boating experiences. But having skills honed in a high-level service setting gives you at an immediate advantage.

  1. BudgetThe Budget. Now, before further review, let’s touch on the top-of-mind topic for almost anyone shopping for a franchise – budget.

    Talk to a franchise broker and budget may seem like the primary factor in franchise selection. The key is knowing your financial limits and, of course, staying within them. Don’t let anyone pressure you beyond your means.

    In addition to your investment, carefully review the earnings potential. A franchise you select to supplement your household income isn’t the same as one you might choose as a salary replacement. All franchises have different earnings potential.

    Remember, also, that greater income potential can sometimes bring higher risk.

  1. Talk with The Experts. To alleviate any concerns or address any issues, we highly recommend that you talk with the true experts … the individuals who already own a franchise you’re interested in. Any reputable franchisor will welcome your interest and help to connect you with their franchisees.

    Ask them directly about their successes and failures … what’s working … what they would do differently … and why and how they chose that franchise from all other options.Never limit your communication to only a franchise representative or broker!

    Make sense?

    The bottom line: The difference that makes franchisees successful is knowledge. Real world knowledge. Useful knowledge. And, of course, its application.

SUMMARY: As you likely know, we can’t promise you instant success when you become a Freedom Boat Club franchisee. But we can guarantee we’ll share with you interesting, reliable and always useful information and resources to help you during your franchise review and selection process.