Boat Business For Sale

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it's best to go with a proven brand and a proven model. That's why people often buy franchises instead of starting their own businesses from the ground up. With a franchise, you get everything you need to start, so you can just start! Freedom Boat Club would like to inform you about a boat business for sale near you. If you love boating, you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are interested in a franchise opportunity with huge ROI, then keep reading.

A Bit About Freedom Boat Club

Feel free to do a little research about Freedom Boat Club. You will discover, among many things, that we were founded in 1989. Since then, franchise and membership sales have boomed. In the year 2017 alone, Freedom Boat Club increased by 40%! We have received countless awards and endorsements by noted publications. More importantly, all of our franchisees are experiencing immense success and having fun while they rake in the dough.

What We Do for Our Customers

As a Freedom Boat Club franchise owner, your customers will be Boat Club members. With Freedom Boat Club locations from Maine to Texas and all in-between, your customers will have unrestricted access to a fleet of boats at every Freedom Boat Club location, ranging from pontoon boats to deck boats. We sell memberships, but we really sell hassle-free boating. Members get unlimited access to the boating lifestyle without the stress and inconvenience of pre-trip and post-trip cleaning and maintenance. We do all of that for them.

Member cab reserve boats up to six months in advance or in as little as the same-day. On the day of the reservation, he/she shows up, takes the boat, and goes out for the day. Later, they bring the boat back, hand us the keys, and go home. We take care of everything else for them, making sure the boat is ready when they arrive. Members get all of this and more for about 25% of the cost of owning a boat. Plus, we are pet-friendly, and members can bring as many people as they want with them. Of course, we have to keep the ratio of boats to members at the right level to ensure availability even on the shortest of notice. Of course, we'll help you work all of that out when you get signed up.

Start Your Boating Business Today

Freedom Boat Club is growing like a wildfire. We are expanding our fleet and our locations and we need passionate entrepreneurs who love boating to help us make it happen. If you'd like to learn more about franchise opportunities, contact us online or by phone. Tell us that you're inquiring about the boat business for sale. One of our agents will be in contact with you ASAP. In the meantime, continue to learn about Freedom Boat Club, and determine if we're right for you.

Boat Business For Sale

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