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Franchisee Testimonials


Of course, franchisors are expected to promote the benefits of their brand and offerings. However, it’s another thing altogether when franchisees share that same high level of enthusiasm for the brand they have chosen to represent.

Many of Freedom Boat Club franchise owners are very willing to speak with prospective franchisees about their experiences and successes.

We’re pleased to share some testimonials from franchise owners regarding their association with Freedom Boat Club.

Please find a mix of advertorials and videos from a sampling of our franchisees.

For further information or to speak with an active Franchise owner, please speak with our business development team in the country of interest.


Jordan Jennings
Global Franchise Sales Director

Email Address:


Jordan Jennings
Global Franchise Sales Director

Email Address:

Featured Video Testimonial

Dan Hasbrouck,
San Diego, CA
FBC Franchise Owner

Video Testimonials

Glenn Bergoffen & Lisa Reho,
Tampa, FL
FBC Franchise Owner & COO

Andrew Hard,
Huntington Beach, CA
FBC Franchise Owner

Lisa Almeida,
Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL
FBC Franchise Co-Owner

Jim & Beckett Spreng
Lake Erie, OH
FBC Franchise Owners

Captain Matt O’Connor & Matt Carrick,
Boston, MA
FBC Franchise Owners

JoAnna & Larry Goldberg,
Annapolis, MD
FBC Franchise Owners

Bill Marquardt & Scott Isaacks,
FBC Franchise Owners

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